Orthodox Life at Queens College

With over 1,000 Orthodox students at Queens College, the Orthodox population at QC ranges the entire spectrum – centrist, modern, yeshivish, liberal, ultra, social, and everything in between, with significant numbers of each constituency. As such, OU-JLIC offers a wide variety of Torah learning opportunities, programs, and social events to service all of the diverse interests amongst the Orthodox population. Additionally, the OU-JLIC has been instrumental in “turning a commuter campus into a Queens College Jewish community.” There is now a full Shabbat program every week, holiday celebrations on campus, and a growing on-campus student community in the surrounding area. Explore and see all of the amazing opportunities here at OU-JLIC Queens College!

Queens Hillel

Student involvement is at the heart and soul of every campus, and Queens College is no exception. Hillel Club is a student run organization that takes the reigns of Jewish life on campus. Run by an a visionary E-Board consisting of a student elected President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, these students shape the energy and atmosphere of Hillel. Students can get involved in E-Board or one Hillel Clubs many committees, including Shabbat, Holidays, Chessed, Social Justice, Residential and Community Life, Religious Life, Social Events, Intercollegiate Events, Engagement and more!


Shabbat at QC is the place to be! Every week we begin with a lively Carlebach-style Kabbalat Shabbat in the beautiful “Patio Room,” located right outside the Kosher Café. The next morning, student come together in Hillel’s brand new Beit Midrash for an uplifting davening, including a student d’var Torah. Shacharit is always followed by a yummy Entenmann’s kiddush! Later on in the afternoon, students pile into the Berlin Home for OU-JLIC’s signature Seudah Shlishit, complete with home-made food, socializing, singing, and uplifting words of Torah. Shabbat wraps up with ma’ariv and a musical havdalah in the Charnoff Home. There are also students in charge of Shabbat hospitality, so any student who wants to stay in for Shabbat is guaranteed to be set up with a place to sleep and a meal to join if he or she wants to get in on this amazing Shabbat experience.

Additionally, Hillel runs three Shabbatonim every semester with a fun theme that runs throughout the Shabbat. On these weeks, Hillel offers on-campus meals and additional programming on top of the regular Shabbat schedule.

Finally, on the first and last week of each semester Hillel runs a Free Friday Night Dinner, where, you guessed it, everyone is invited to a Free Friday Night Dinner in the Kosher Café! Sometimes reaching close to 400 students, you really get a feel for the grandness and diversity of the Queens College Jewish Community as you meet new students, catch up with friends, and enjoy and great Shabbat meal.

Kosher Dining

On campus, in the Midway Court Dining Hall, is the “Kosher Cafe.” The Kosher Cafe is a hub for Jewish activity, including a weekly OU-JLIC pizza and Gemara shiur.  There is a great selection of hot, fresh dairy meals every day in addition to sushi, snacks, and many other delicious food choices. Additionally, Queens College is around the corner from Main Street, which has a plethora of delicious Kosher food establishments. There you can find Carlos and Gabby’s, L’Bella Pizzeria, Sushi Fusion, and Mechi’s Deli Counter at Seasons, just to name a few. All establishments are certified kosher under the Vaa’d Harabonim of Queens (VHQ).

Housing at Queens

While often considered a commuter college, there is actually a strong, vibrant, and quickly growing on-campus community at Queens College. This is due to the Summit, the Queens College on-campus dormitory, and the many students who live in apartments in the nearby surrounding area. Summit rooms include a full kitchen, common area, two bathrooms, and a choice of four single bedrooms or two double bedrooms. Incredibly accommodating to Orthodox Jewish needs, the Summit allows students to request “kosher rooms” in order to be placed with other Orthodox students to make them feel more comfortable. Additionally, there are hundreds of Orthodox students living in rented apartments within a 10 minute walk of the college.